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Would you like to create your own Resin Wall Art piece?  Resin Art has recently become very popular because of the extraordinary vivid colours and fine details obtained when colour pigments are added.  The Resin used is epoxy resin which is a hard, UV resistant, clear laminating resin.   Resin workshops are always fun, and it is almost impossible not to produce a beautiful artwork.

For one up to eight students at a time, Resin Workshops in Gayle’s air conditioned studio in the Gold Coast, Queensland are for a 3+ hour session – pick up cured work the next day or pay extra for postage.  No experience necessary and all materials supplied.   Studio has now been expanded to accommodate groups of up to eight students.

Gayle will demonstrate first, then supervise you to produce your own beautiful artwork.

COST FOR ONE STUDENT is $190 which includes all materials and you can take home your own painting.

BRING A FRIEND OR FRIENDS:  If you have a friend who would like to join you, or for groups of more than one student, I offer a DISCOUNT.

TWO TO FOUR STUDENTS:  The price for two to four students is $170 per student.

GROUPS OF FIVE TO EIGHT STUDENTS:  For groups from five to eight students, the cost is $150.00 per student.

ARTWORK SIZE: I supply a choice of 60cm round, or 60cm x 60cm square only.

TRAVEL TO YOUR VENUE:  For a group of 6 – 10 people, I will travel to your venue and the cost will be $190 per student (which includes venue commission), plus additional travel expenses and/or accommodation if more than 90k from Mudgeeraba.

ADVANCED – MULTI-LAYERS:   For those wanting a more advanced Resin workshop over two or three sessions (3+ hours each session), the cost is $190 per session for the first layer, then $170 per additional layer thereafter.  This will give you the opportunity to add an extra layers of resin and colour to your original painting, and some advanced techniques.

COMING SOON – GEODE ART WORKSHOPS.   Contact Gayle to enquire about Geode Art Workshops.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to book in, however the date can be changed if required with at least one days notice.  Dates and time will be arranged mutually between Gayle and student/s.

Web:  http://www.gaylereicheltart.com

Resin Art Workshops in the Gold Coast, Queensland

Gayle Reichelt


Resin Art Workshops in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

$190.00 for one student (inclusive of all materials).  

$170.00 each for two to four students.

$150.00 each for Groups from five to eight students.

COMING SOON:  Ask Gayle about Geode Art Workshops.

See my website for further information for advanced classes, or for workshops in your venue.

For all bookings please contact Gayle at:

Mobile:  0419 546 503

Email:  gayle@gaylereicheltart.com

Web:  http://www.gaylereicheltart.com


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