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Jenny is a Kamilaroi woman and is a member of the Worimi Aboriginal Land Council. She is mother of seven children and works with disaffected Indigenous youth. Her experiences are reflected in her art as she relates stories in her own unique way.


Framed Print measures 370 mm X 290 mm (14.5 x 11.4 inches) approx



Jenny’s framed print of her dot painting Rainbow Serpent dreaming is the story of the Wawalag or Wagilag sisters. According to legend, the sisters are traveling together when the older sister gives birth, and her blood flows to a waterhole where the Rainbow Serpent lives.



In another version of the tale, the sisters are traveling with their mother, Kunapipi, all of whom know ancient secrets, and the Serpent is merely angered by their presence in its area. The Rainbow Serpent then traces the scent back to the sisters sleeping in their hut, a metaphor for the uterus. The Rainbow Serpent enters, a symbolic representation of a snake entering a hole, and eats them and their children. However, the Rainbow Serpent regurgitates them after being bitten by an ant, and this act creates Arnhem Land.



Now, the Serpent speaks in their voices and teaches sacred rituals to the people living there. There are many ancient rituals associated with the Rainbow Serpent that are still practiced today. The story of the Wawalag sisters marks the importance of the female menstruation process and led to the establishment of the Kunapipi blood ritual of the goddess, in which the indigenous Australians allegorically recreate the Rainbow Serpent eating the Wawalag sisters through dance and pantomime, and can be regarded as a fertility ritual.



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We respectfully advise members of Aboriginal communities that this site may contain photographs or mention in writing of people who have passed away.

Each print is printed on quality 300 GSM silk matte paper, is one of only 30 available, is individually numbered and signed by artist with certificate of authenticity

Framed Rainbow Serpent Ltd Ed Print

Jen Bailey

Size: 37w x 29h x 7d cms

Limited Edition

One of 30 produced in premium silk matte paper

Genuine Aboriginal Art from the Hunter Valley region in NSW, Australia

Individually numbered, certificate of authenticity & signed by artist


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