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This is a painting for people who like meditation and the symbolic.  I have drawn on the Jungian archetypes of the Crone, The Maiden and The Child - the Crone is looking up at the moon and the maiden and child look towards the Magician (the meditating figure).  This work captures something about the state we are in as a culture, and species..  There is a prayer for peace, and hope for  for some angelic energy, whilst there is also something ominous, which we can all feel. Shadowy figures represent the unknown elements too.   This is a spiritual work ..   I have used oil paint and oil sticks on board. It is framed very simply just to hold the board in place. Whilst it is ready to hang, it would benefit from being in a better frame at some point.

Prayer For Peace

Susannah Paterson

Size: 128w x 97h x 2d cms

Oil paint and Oil Sticks on Board

Varnished, framed

Ready to hang

In stock

Sold By: Susannah Paterson

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