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The Anatomy of a Chair

Twelve art works from 2015 inspired by the anatomy of chair design.

I began my art journey into the colorful world of abstraction from the early age of three. Formal training followed after working in the printing industry. Once successfully completing QCA, majoring in print making I received the Trevor Lyons Award of Excellence 2003. I then concentrated on finding employment, usually working in other areas that were totally foreign to my aspirations of creating art in a full time capacity. Adapting to varying types of employment roles is typically the expected norm of occupancy for any aspiring and emerging artist. A humbled mindfulness and a collaborative understanding to know that most art careers do not blossom until your either, almost dead or just plain dead. After a lengthy 5-7 year hiatus from any creative pursuits I returned to focus on painting as an expressive outlet due to its immediate application plus it being adaptive to almost any material. Almost akin to drawing. When I returned I became influenced by the most prolific American post war abstract expressionist of the post war period - Franz Kline. Whist I explored the minimalist, spontaneous forms of raw expressionistic styles of painting - I chose to work on onto heavy paper stock, and then hard surfaces. I presume this was a fragment of process from both my commercial and academic learning. This knowledge I believed helped achieve the resolve of these paintings due to their scale. Damien Pasquale on Instagram

Patriot II

Damien Pasquale

Size: 39.5w x 42h cms

Enamel and Oil on Heavy Paper.
Mounted onto Ply Board.
Framed in Tasmanian Oak.
Damien Pasquale © 2015.

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