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Only Drowning Men (could see him)

As a conceptual artist it is essential to have themes or ‘hooks’ under which images can be developed while maintaining boundaries of what elements can enter the work.

This is one work from a series under the concept or hook, of religion – the recognition of man of a controlling superpower entitled to obedience, reverence and worship, and the manifestations of such feeling in conduct or life.

That this phenomena survives and transcends time, culture and language in its multifarious expressions of our particular belief systems ensures that at some point in time, it and man will inescapably intersect.

Times of critical mass in one’s life is the point at which even the non believer calls to a higher power for guidance or rescue of his spiritual, physical or emotional self, the point when surrendering ourselves to fete/destiny, God;  an external power that now dictates the ultimate outcome.

If resolution is found it is in the divine grace of that power that answers, to point the way.

I find this comforting…we are not alone!

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Only Drowning Men

Lina Linton

Size: 102w x 76h cms

Framed, original drawing.  Archival light fast pen and ink with colour pencil.  Unframed on quality 100% rag watercolour paper.  Rag paper is truly acid free as it is not made from wood pulps.  Landscape format 102x76cms.

Framed with cotton matt boards, grey frame, glass.  Framing is personal and all artworks can easily be professionally reframed to suit your taste and environment.

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