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Most of my paintings have been inspired by nature as I always found nature and it’s shapes and textures challenging to recreate. And rocks and pebbles are more than just stones for me, they are gems, lucky tokens, talisman and memories of certain places. They are collectors dreams and treasures to me and to many others.

This specific painting is a combination of rocks, pebbles and leaves as I would find them in my backyard. Before starting the painting I studied the different shapes, colours and surface textures of the stones and then decided on a method to recreate them without looking too painted. I used Gladwrap, sand, alcohol and tissue paper to create different effects.

The unique patterns in nature and art are usually aesthetically pleasing and stress-reducing. So it is no coincidence that we find peaceful nature scenes like these pebbles to sooth nerves on edge. The calming colours and shapes are relaxing and letting the viewer escape from a stressful situation.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be attached to the back of the painting.

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Field of Treasures

Marta Blaszak

Size: 50w x 60h x 1.5d cms

Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas,

Framed with narrow natural timber and protected with two coats of acrylic varnish. Other frames shown are only virtual framing. Ready to hang

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Sold By: Marta Blaszak

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