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Mushrooms is a still life that has inspired different interpretations depending on viewer perspective. Some have commented that it looks like a scene from a forest at dusk, others imagine fairies or sprites hovering just beyond the frame, whilst still others yet percieved a country cottage setting in the obscured dim beyond, whilst my primary school aged son saw a funghi cluster on an alien planet.

In spite of the obvious subject – mushrooms – no two viewers alike saw the same image. Mushrooms is an artwork that created its multi-faceted identity only when completed and only by being seen through the eyes of another. It is suspended in a state of perpetual fluidity, depending on who is looking at it. Far from being inert and motionless, Mushrooms comes to life in the eye of the beholder and takes on depth depending on its environment. To some it excites possibilities of folklore-ish imps and magical trickery, whilst for others the colours pervade an unsettling menace and unnatural stillness. For some it merely stimulates a desire for diced mushroom carbonara! The identity of this piece can only be found in the viewer’s visceral, instinctive reaction to it. Is it merely a quaint little forest depiction, a visual representation of sinister foreboding, a fantasy world where fantastical creatures live, or something out of this world altogether. You get to decide…

Your print will be reproduced on Hahnemühle Torchon 100% α-cellulose paper – guarantees archival standards. This specialty paper complies with highest archival standards necessitated by limited edition prints, presentation prints for display purposes and exhibitions. Acid free, Calcium Carbonate buffered, 285gsm. A certificate of authenticity is provided and signed, guaranteeing that your print is a limited artwork. Your limited edition reproduction will be expertly packaged in a tube to preserve the structural integrity of the artwork and enable you to frame it to suit your taste, setting and decor.

Mushrooms Ltd Ed Print

Susan Forster

Size: 10.16w x 15.65h cms

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Limited Edition Print (4) digital artwork on Hahnemühle Torchon 100% α-cellulose acid free paper


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