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Mother's Love (Echidna, Wombat & Platypus)

Series one of two

Australian Wildlife Wooden Dolls - set of 3

Original artwork, one-of-a-kind, no wood and stroke is the same

These dolls are developed from Celebration of New Life series. The inspiration still comes from the unique wood grain of the individual doll.  Native flora & vegetation were incorporated to supplement a tender aura between mother & her offspring.

The selection of marker and colored pencils as media promotes transparency, calming disposition and at the same time giving chance for the wood grain to perform.

The set is perfect as memento of Australia's unique and special animal diversity; it urges the importance to preserve their home, which is crucial for their survival.

*I will be travelling to gain more insight of other cultures for my Gaia Children series, if you purchase this artwork, shipping can only be done after October 20th - thank you for your understanding*

Mother’s Love 1


Size: 3w x 9h cms

Mahogany wood from sustainable furniture industry excess, marker, coloured pencil and non-toxic varnish

Set of 3

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Sold By: Myrtha

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