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A piece from the 'morning musings' series. Moored is a small offering which comes from the heart.  I grew up on Sydney Harbour and spent many hours on the water with my parents who loved boats. This painting comes from one of those memories where we would spend some time as a family on the water. I always ended up as the one who had to row, my Mum would prize the oysters off rocks on the Hawkesbury River and I would try and keep the dinghy still, you couldn't do that nowadays I guess; or you would wake up in the morning and realise you had to get in the dinghy and row to get milk for the cereal ! I was a lot fitter in those days!

Moored – Morning Musings Series

Lucinda Leveille

Size: 60w x 50h x 3d cms

Artist quality oil pants on a stretched gallery style wrap around canvas



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