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My mantra sounds into the silent night.

The monastic beat of my wooden heeled boots.

Diverts me away from heavy thought.

Careful steps taken into the ambient night sky.

Just walk I say.

Let intuition lead you

Oh how my mind is too loud to hear its voice.

I wonder the suburban streets into the starry night.

Amber lights fill the void streets.

Paving the way for guided folly.

The moon shines bright with is marvelous gleam.

My neighborhood.

I do not know.

Pondering at the homes as I pass by.

Asking myself.

I wonder who lives there.

Do I know my own fellow neighbor?

Do I know of the spirited souls who sleep beside me?

Are they young or old?

Are they Broken or naïve?

Are they still filled with love?

How shall I know if we hide ourselves?

We all walk upon the manner our own road.

No interest for our surrounding blossoms.


Freight trains are taken to the tracks at this hour.

Their rattle and discharge is heard from many blocks away.

I walk past the desolate train station.

Into the nearby park I verge.

An empty park bench awaits me.

Kindly I invite myself to a seat.

What now I ask.

Maybe time for a bottle of whisky.

Or maybe a joint.

To release any sense of insecurity.

An antidote for my emptiness.

No, I don’t want to dilute this moment.

Sober I shall remain.

How impatient I have become.

I should bare the courage needed to stride my pace in this life.

Hmmmm…silence from the neighboring homes.

No rattle, no speech.

The place of the voiceless.

I think the rats have even fallen asleep on this empty night.

Where now, no where.

For what Francis of Assisi ventured to know.

‘For what I am looking for, is found from where I am looking from’.

I shall now walk with open eyes.

For even the dark night shall not limit my vision.

My quiet steps are all I hear now.

Midnight Venture

Meled Taouk

Size: 50w x 40h x 1.5d cms

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Acrylic on stretched canvas

Ready to hang

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