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Reading a surfing article a while ago, I was astounded over two million surfers in the US leads to conjection at some popular surf spots. So, it turns out a lot of surfers have turned to night surfing escaping the crowds. One surfer described surfing at night : “You’re watching the light off the wave and you can see its like a serpent on the water, so you’re kind of following it as you go along”.
With few surfers out on the water at night, the chances of bumping into someone is slim although they could encounter some nocturnal sea creatures swell but it seems that pales into insignificance for a chance to ride a “Silver Serpent”.
This is my interpretation of such a midnight water adventure. The darkness of the night with glimpses of the water reflecting through the tidal flow reading energy and movement.


Quality acrylics used giving long lasting rich pigmentation/lustre. Designed on acid free environmentally unbleached cotton duck, triple coated with universal primer, gallery style folded corners. The surface of the painting is lightly textured in areas adding visual stimulation.

Original art signed by the artist.


Treena Seymour

Size: 30w x 30h x 4d cms
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Acrylic on stretched canvas


Ready to hang



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