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One of the legends describes only bare land existing in the beginning. There was no life on Earth—no animals, no plants, no trees and no humans. Wandjina, the creator, brought our ancestors from within the earth and over the seas, and life began.


Some of the ancestors were like men and others were like animals. In fact, according to the myths it is believed that our ancestors were able to change shape and become either man or animal.


In some other versions, Wandjina was not one god but many gods, or spirit gods, which are depicted with big black eyes, no mouth, and a halo—certainly not representing human beings. Legends tell how Wandjina walked on Earth and created everything from rivers and mountains to plants and animals.


The god Baiame later arrives from the skies with his wife Birrahgnooloo (Emu, goddess of fertility). They had a son named Darramulum. Baiame gave the first rules to humans, forbidding them to eat the animals. Τhe gods then spent time with the humans, teaching them and helping them evolve. Later, mankind began to kill and eat animals. 


They were caught and punished by the god. A few suggest that Christianity altered the original Aboriginal myths and included elements from The Bible.


In the Aboriginal tribes the name of the creator is forbidden to be spoken publicly. It is also forbidden for women to see any drawings depicting Baiame, or to go to any sacred sites. 



Jenny is a Kamilaroi woman and is a member of the Worimi Aboriginal Land Council. She is mother of seven children and works with disaffected Indigenous youth. Her experiances are reflected in her art as she relates stories in her own unique way.

We respectfully advise members of Aboriginal communities that this site may contain photographs or mention in writing of people who have passed away.

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