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1500mm (w) x 1500mm (h) canvas.
Natural pine frame.
5cm thick (double-thick canvas).
Acrylic, spray paint, ink and nikko on canvas.
Signed and dated on the back of the canvas. Ready to hang with d-rings and hanging wire on the back.
This is an original painting. Artwork comes with certificate of authenticity and Sarah Sculley promotional goods, professionally packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard for shipping (included in price).
Delivery to Australian East Coast only (Noosa (north) down to Melbourne (south).
If you live outside this delivery area, please get in touch to discuss delivery options.

Raw stroked and deep blues form a street art style mixed with stencil figure. Acrylic and spray paint creating a deeply personal piece: Matsume.

Matsume was the girlfriend of one of my really close friends in Shanghai. I didn’t connect with her too much, but when her love, and my friend passed away I have endevoured to keep up to date with her little family. She is powerful, thoughtful and energetic.

Where are you from?
Vancouver, Canada
Where do you live?
London, England
Where is home?
I’ve always found this question difficult. Nowhere ever felt like home. As a Canadian Japanese girl, I never felt fully accepted in Canada, as if I wasn’t western enough. Nor was I accepted in Japan as I wasn’t seen as Japanese enough. I also lived in China for 10 years and I was close to calling it home but that changed when I became pregnant and left for England. Now I’ve lived in London for nearly 8 years, I have a family, a home, and yet I still struggle to call this home. I wonder if I’ll always feel like this or maybe I don’t know what ‘home’ means.
How do you feel today?
Confused, lost, hopeful. I’ve always felt this way. Of course, over the years, these feelings have gone up and down. The birth of my children brought immense love in my life but at the same time brought utter fear. I struggle every day to figure out who I am. Some say, after having children, it puts things in perspective. But for me, it’s just made the questions more urgent to answer. My oldest son is nearly 8 now, this is when I started to see my own mother at his age. I saw how loving she was but always tired, sad and sometimes distant. My son recently asked me why I was always so angry or sad.
What are you struggling with in life at the moment?
They say after the second (child), postpartum depression gets worse. The baby blues sounds so light compared to how I felt months ago. I’m in a better place now but it scared me, the way I was. It was dark. I’ve gone down the route of being a stay at home mum but this has meant that I’ve put my own life aside for nearly 8 years with one more year to go. It’s a long time to not do something meaningful. To not be part of society. Of course, I did bits here and there but nothing ever felt right, permanent. I’m still looking to find out what it is I want to do, be.
What do you hope for?
A happier me. To find something I really love to do and share it with the world. I know it’s there and I know I’ll find it one day, I just wish it would be sooner.
What are you scared of people knowing about you?
That I’m actually a very lonely person. I come across as a very extroverted person but really, I’m shy and feel lonely in my thoughts, always.


Sarah Sculley

Size: 150w x 150h x 10d cms

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Acrylic, spray paint, ink and nikko on stretched canvas

Ready to hang


Sold By: Sarah Sculley

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