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'Undercurrent' A feeling, a force, that stirs within us moving in a different direction from what we assume to be. As a Fine Art Photographer, I am passionate about creating art through the medium of photography, blurring the lines between traditional photography and art. The inspiration for my images usually always comes from moments which I pass through in my life. My images are mostly created to stand on their own as objects of contemplation and visual interest, each image always contains a commentary, usually pertaining mostly to the feminine and or emotion. The effects of my images will vary depending on the interest and experiences a viewer brings to the image. My belief is that we are all on a journey in this life, constantly evolving, sometimes conscious sometimes not, but hopefully always learning from one emotional experience to the next, in turn giving us the emotional strength to see us through to the next part of our journey.

Undercurrent Ltd Ed

Kellie North

Size: 86.5w x 86.5h cms

Limited Edition of 5

Giclee print on high-quality archival paper

Signed – numbered


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