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Lost at Sea is a unique multi layered, origin resin artwork, landscape orientation, and is a tribute to pilots and aeroplanes lost at sea. To achieve the appearance of the propeller being mostly submerged the sea, I used approximately 20 layers of clear resin on top of the background created with pigmented resin. This give the appearance of the propellor embedded deep into the sea. The propeller was also made by me, using a hand made silicone mould made by and borrowed from my brother-in-law Geoff Reichelt. Geoff builds the model aeroplanes that are on display in the QANTAS Founders Outback Museum in Longreach. The propeller is a replica from a Hamilton Standard propeller from a Sunderland Flying Boat in World War 2. Lost at Sea is a resin & pigment wall art piece ready to hang on MDF board. The process of the art begins with the mixing of two part Epoxy Resin, with artist quality pigment pastes added into the resin. The beauty of resin is in its extraordinary vivid colours and fine detail obtained when colour pigments are added. The epoxy resin used is a hard, UV resistant, clear laminating resin.  

Lost at Sea

Gayle Reichelt

Size: 60w x 41h x 6d cms

Multi layered abstract resin & pigment artwork on MDF board, landscape orientation. Ready to hang.


01st January, 1970

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