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Figurative Ceramic Sculpture Jeb and Nicko Original hand-built sculpture with porcelain clay.   Stained and glazed and fired to 1100 degrees c. Permanently attached to wooden base. Building figures sometimes takes a different method and with these, the taller one Jeb...began with his feet and legs. This was an experimental building method that I like because I'm not sure what comes up and just let things find their own character.  Jeb arrived and wings just had to be added.  So he became an angel.  Nicko followed as a foil for Jeb.  Nicko is someone we all know....a bit of a hard nut, has some pretty tough history and his askance towards Jeb suggests the age-old enmity of Good and Evil. Jeb (derived from Jebediah) means God's Beloved Friend and Nicko - from Old Nick...given an Australian slant.  

Jeb and Nicko

Sally Hook

Size: 42w x 56h cms

Figurative ceramic hand-built sculpture with porcelain clay

Stained, glazed and fired

Permanently attached to wooden base


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