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Wabi Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of the beauty of imperfection. The degraded, the rustic, the element of time and it's influence on change. I utilise this ethos in my life and art. I'm interested in contrasts, dark against light, the beauty of ugliness, the discarded, the remnants of time that get swept away in an instant. The Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi relates to elements of my art practice, the beauty of imperfection, transience and decay. I'm also fascinated by perception and visual memory. That part of the highway is etched in my memory yet within days of the new road opening the old mental pathway will be instantly wiped away.

Highway Upgrade Wabi Sabi, Mount Victoria

Tim K Jones

Size: 40w x 32h cms

Plein-air pastel sketch drawing on paper. Unframed with mount and foamcore backing.

This original artwork was a finalist in the 2016 Rick Amor Drawing Prize and was on display at the Gallery of Ballarat.

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Sold By: Tim K Jones

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