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Heartfelt love - Hydrangeas 17/8/2017 Artwork size -29.5*42*0.1 cm Framed size -62 x 45 X 3.5 cm -Framed and ready to hang- This painting was inspired by a gorgeous hydreadea plant that I saw in Cloudhill Garden, Mt.Dandenong in Summer 2017. Hydreadea is the flower of summer and it was a calm and quiet sunny afternoon with the wind bell rings softly nearby. I was fascinated by these specific flowers which present with soft baby blue and pink with the exquisite light purple in the natural blended Gradient colour and I couldn't leave my eyes of it for a while. The vigorously growing Hydrangea shrub symbolizes Heartfelt and honest emotions, gratitude, deeper understanding, reunion, abundance and prosperity. Affirmation: Calming down, make peace with your self. Forgive the pass, embrace the love to yourself and the people around you. It's gonna be fine. Artwork inspired by nature, Cloudhill Garden, Mt.Dandenong. Melbourne, Victoria, Summer 2017.

Heartfelt love – Hydrangeas


Size: 42w x 29.5h x 0.1d cms

Acrylic on 185 gsm premium paper
Ready to hang

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