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Abstract Guardian Wolf Painting


This beautiful and regal wolf watches out over his domain. He is a protector and a guardian and his wintry coat reflects his ever cold territory as well as the use of cool greys and blues in the colour palette. This painting is about strength and loyalty and protection over loved ones.


To create this artwork, I used quality acrylic paint on a stretched thick-profile canvas. I have also coated the painting in a waterproof gloss varnish to ensure the artwork is protected over time. For your convenience, this artwork is shipped ready to hang.

Abstract Guardian Wolf Painting

Erin Hale

Size: 50.7w x 60.8h x 3.5d cms

Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas, finished with a clear satin varnish.
Shipped ready to hang.

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Sold By: Erin Hale

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