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There are over 60 species of eagles worldwide. Of them, the Harpy Eagle, depicted here, is the most powerful. The term powerful is somewhat ambiguous, but not when it comes to the Harpy. Its claws are massive - much larger than those of any other bird and are strong enough to kill monkeys, sloths and even deer. To think that we share the world with them is absolutely profound. The bird is painted at about actual size, on a 48in x 48in (122cm x 122cm) canvas. I have used professional quality acrylic paint and the painting is varnished with a hanging wire. I have not used the fugitive PR83 crimson pigment, so as to retain light-fastness and longevity.

Graceful Power – Harpy Eagle

D Zanesco

Size: 122w x 122h x 4d cms

Acrylic on canvas

Ready to hang

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