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Gaia Children

Set of two

Original artwork, one-of-a-kind, no wood and stroke is the same

The plight of indigenous people have long very close to my heart. They are the true masters of the land, they mind their own businesses, kind to their environment as they only take what they need, uncomplicated, peaceful people, the true sons & daughters of Gaia. Yet civilization, greed, war & pure evil never leave them alone. From Australian outback, frozen Artic, majestic Himalayan, Amazon rainforest, Asian jungles, Pacific islands, African savannah to the American canyon, these monochrome dolls represent the struggle they have. Let us hope that mankind always respect the earth, our home, as the first people do

*I will be travelling to gain more insight of other cultures for my Gaia Children series, if you purchase this artwork, shipping can only be done after October 20th - thank you for your understanding*

Gaia Children


Size: 3w x 9h cms

Pair, hand made Mahogany wooden dolls using sustainable furniture industry excess, marker, acrylic, non-toxic varnish

9cm and 7.5cm each in height

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Sold By: Myrtha

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