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Approaching the shoreline, I remove my sandals and allow my bare feet to sink slightly into the wet sands. Watching and feeling the little waves foaming and wrapping around my ankles almost massaging them with the flow. The shallow waters inviting and warmed by the sun with salty air making its way through my nostrils. I gaze upon the calmness and soothing waters of my beautiful bay where I live for ever in owe of how beautiful mother nature is. This is my tribute to my wonderful shoreline I am so blessed to be near.


Quality acrylics used giving long lasting rich pigmentation/lustre. Designed on acid free environmentally unbleached cotton duck, triple coated with universal primer and gallery style folded corners. Protective Matte Varnish applied to protect work. The surface of the painting has a textured surface encouraging the viewer to touch and feel the art.

Original Art signed by the artist


Treena Seymour

Size: 40.6w x 121.8h x 4d cms

Acrylic on stretched canvas


Ready to hang

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Sold By: Treena Seymour

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