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Original Surreal moth painting on Holbrook high quality canvas costing $160.  Painting is ready-to-hang and features Mamie Van Doren, retro 1940s Hollywood  movie star with massive moths in the background creating a surreal trippy fantasy. It seems out of place which creates a puzzle for the viewer to solve.The inspiration for my paintings is the glamour and drama of Hollywood movies of the 1940s and 50s.  I appropriate and transform the black and white publicity stills from the films by painting them in arbitrary colours, and often placing them in incongruous and sometimes bizarre settings such as in rainforests, caves, ancient tombs, bushfires, or with exotic animals such as snakes, macaws, leopards, tigers, and spiders.  My paintings are created using acrylic paints, gels and mediums and often have interesting textures and a glossy or metallic surfaces.   Invest in an up-and-coming artist. I have been finalist for all the major Queensland prizes for the past few years - Lethbridge 10,000, Rotary Art Spectacular, Moreton Bay Art Awards, Noosa Art Award, Stanthorpe Art Prize. I have also exhibited at various Brisbane and Gold Coast galleries.


Jane Ianniello

Size: 76w x 92h x 3.8d cms

Acrylic on Holbrook high quality canvas

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Jane Ianniello

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