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  • Between 2013 and 2014 I worked with model Tine to create the series "Tine x 11". These drawings explore a range of notions on human experiences or human conditions, and within each drawing, the psychology of the character is implied by the action of the pose, either as a covert outward depiction of the thoughts, or via a more overt external display of feelings as understood by the viewer from the gesture.
  • “Fate” depicts the figure emerging from the background shadow, the gesture of which suggests internal trepidation and dread. The idea behind this drawing is the existential line “being thrown into existence”, the involuntary encounters between one’s life and fate.


Wenhai Ren

Size: 59w x 84h cms

Graphite drawing on A1-sized paper (200 GSM), unframed.

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Sold By: Wenhai Ren

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