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The Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensisare a migratory shore bird and flies between Asia and Australia. The birds beak is noticeably long designed for reaching into mud for its meal. Habitat loss is one of the prime reasons for this special birds critically endangered status. The Eastern Curlew needs two types of habitats, mud flats and higher above the shore line when the tide comes in. Numbenius needs a number of stops between Russia and Austrailia to rest and feed up to continue with its long 10,000 km journey to Australia. The Yellow Sea was identified as one of the resting stops which has been  degraded due to pollution etc.

The artwork shows an Eastern Curlew with its environment blending in to the bird. Gold leaf surrounds the bird to highlight how special the bird is.

Endangered: Eastern Curlew

Kathryn Lewis

Size: 77w x 96h x 4d cms

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Oil & mixed media on canvas with hardwood stretchers

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Kathryn Lewis

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