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Emerald Is an original Acrylic and ink Resin art piece on a round porthole board. The process begins with the mixing of a two part Epoxy Resin.Inspired by the many colours you might find in an emerald if holding it to the light, I mixed and layered acrylic paints as a base then inks for a translucent effect topped with runs of gold mica and finished with a crystal clear coat. As you look into this piece you see the shimmering gold and the depth of the layers which gives you a sense of serenity and calm. On 56cm round board ready to hang.


Harvestmoon Art by Donna Tebbutt

Size: 56w x 56h cms

Resin,Acrylic and Inks on round board

56cm Round ready to hang

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Sold By: Harvestmoon Art by Donna Tebbutt
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