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Violet ambience takes light.
In the peak of dusk I stand.
Poignant is my stance.
High above the suburban rooftops.
They know not of the simple splendor above them.
They are upon their monotonous agenda they must keep.
Venturing towards their mortal doom.
I glance before the horizon.
Up towards the crimson departure of the sailing sun.
Memories of old are brought to light.
Young dreams and foolish conquests are drawn up again.
Endeavors too brash to recount.
A laugh they now sprout.
I remember the young man I was.
The inner child I protected.
Fantasizing the world through my luminous dreams.
Nobody could rob me of my will to dream.
I ritualized watching the sun part on its way.
Paying a visit every afternoon.
To see it fade away with its radiant beauty.
A sense of hope.
A longing for the sweetness of life’s fruits.
I felt awaited me.
They haven’t yet come.
Yet I still believe there in deliverance at every unfolding moment.
To stride across the open sky.
To part way on the vessel of the sailing sun.

Dreams Remembered Upon a Sailing Sun

Meled Taouk

Size: 100w x 100h x 1.7d cms

Acrylic Paint, Charcoal and Gouache on Canvas.


Stretched upon a Timber Frame.


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Sold By: Meled Taouk

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