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Jenny is a Kamilaroi woman and is a member of the Worimi Aboriginal Land Council. She is mother of seven children and works with disaffected Indigenous youth. Her experiences are reflected in her art as she relates stories in her own unique way.


The Dreamtime story of the Dolphin :



In Aboriginal culture, dolphins are commonly associated with the human spirit. They are also used to symbolize the importance of a balanced life.



One day three children were travelling with their family on a boiling day. The day was so hot, in fact, that it drained every one of their energy, making it impossible for them to carry on. The adults settled there and warned their children to stay close by and not wander off. However, toward the end of the day, the children were nowhere to be found.



The adults began a search to find their kids, tracking their footprints. They traced them all the way to the edge of a cliff, where they abruptly ended. The children weren’t playing in the sea, and they were nowhere in sight.



After the children ran away and went exploring, they found the body of water and jumped in, believing it was a billabong. Once they dived in they realised their mistake and found themselves being dragged out to sea. They tried desperately calling for help, but they had wandered so far from their group that no one could hear them.



Just then Boomali, a sea spirit, came to the rescue. He saved the children, but he knew that they had been reckless and disobedient, so he decided to teach them a lesson and turned them into dolphins. For the rest of their lives they could play and have fun in the sea, but they were never allowed to see their family again.



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We respectfully advise members of Aboriginal communities that this site may contain photographs or mention in writing of people who have passed away.


Framed Dolphin Dreaming Ltd Ed Print

Jen Bailey

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