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A2 size, Spray art, enamel paint, Moonscape painting showing craters on a distant moon. This is part of my planets series illustrating how other planets and moons my look in some distant galaxy. I try to use my imagination to show the form other worlds may present. Our earthly existence show us the complexity of our planet with, wind, water, air and temperature all playing their part in the erosion processes, sculpting the landscape. Other worlds have the potential for an infinite number of varied land and seascapes. My artwork is an attempt to show these complexities through the eye of the artist. The moons of Saturn and Jupiter are each as varied as the system they are part of and no two are identical. Each planet and moon has its own unique formations, lakes, ice, mountains, volcanoes, trenches, and each one has its own fingerprint within the galaxy. Each time you look at my paintings you will see hidden between the shadows the delicate blends of light and dark colours giving the illusion of a 3d world.  My inspiration comes from many sources and I never see the finished image in my head before I start a painting, The image develops over time a transition of ideas with form and function as my guide.

Distant Moon

Kevin Aldcroft

Size: 60w x 42h cms

Spray art with exterior grade enamel paint on A2 size on 300 gsm glossy board.

Framed under glass and matte with metal d-link and wire hanging system.

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Sold By: Kevin Aldcroft

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