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Reflections and movement of a disco embraced with lines and shapes and colours of retro. I used the diagonal lines to give movement,while the blurred shapes portray the movement of the piece. Using pale mauve and turquoise gives a retro feel with the blocks of shapes. To add to the feeling of movement and dance, I painted the background with uneven brush stokes. The energy I used to do this gives extra to the piece. Each circle refects the other, get is slightly different, as it would if it were turning. The shapes and colours would add to an environment. On trend would be to use textured terrazzo floors with concrete walls. Block colours in the furniture would complete the look. Where ever it is placed it will add a new dimension to your decor!


Jeanene Hyles

Size: 152w x 77h x 2d cms

Acrylic on canvas

2 separate panels 77cm diameter

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Jeanene Hyles

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