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Owl - a poem by Sylvia Plath Clocks belled twelve. Main street showed otherwise Than its suburb of woods : nimbus—- Lit, but unpeopled, held its windows Of wedding pastries, Diamond rings, potted roses, fox-skins Ruddy on the wax mannequins In a glassed tableau of affluence. From deep-sunk basements What moved the pale, raptorial owl Then, to squall above the level Of streetlights and wires, its wall to wall Wingspread in control Of the ferrying currents, belly Dense-feathered, fearfully soft to Look upon? Rats' teeth gut the city Shaken by owl cry. The molotov cocktail of menace and mystery encapsulated in the owl fascinates everyone. Captivatingly beautiful, startlingly lethal, they are quite unlike any other creature. Their ethereal association with the night and the moon only adds to its allure. Disapproving Owl is almost a staring competition twixt the owl and the viewer - a defiant 'I dare you to look away first' challenge. Like the disapproving owl that was my subject, this piece demanded my singular attention until I had completed it and it is possibly the most swiftly executed work I have undertaken. The puncturing gaze of the disapproving owl seeks to disarm the viewer, unsettle them, make them hesitant to turn their back to it. Disapproving Owl is an exploration of tension - did I create the owl or did it demand that I create it? Your print will be reproduced on Hahnemühle Torchon 100% α-cellulose paper – guarantees archival standards. This specialty paper complies with highest archival standards necessitated by limited edition prints, presentation prints for display purposes and exhibitions. Acid free, Calcium Carbonate buffered, 285gsm. A certificate of authenticity is provided and signed, guaranteeing that your print is a limited artwork. Your limited edition reproduction will be expertly packaged in a tube to preserve the structural integrity of the artwork and enable you to frame it to suit your taste, setting and decor.

Disapproving Owl Ltd Ed Print

Susan Forster

Size: 15.65w x 10.16h cms

Limited Edition Print (4) digital artwork on Hahnemühle Torchon 100% α-cellulose acid free paper


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Sold By: Susan Forster

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