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Two aerial photographs of the central Australian desert where flipped to form kaleidoscopic images then weaved together to create a colourful pattern. This series of works is an exaggerated view of the patterns we find around us. In my early twenties I became aware that not everyone saw the world in the same way. I see a fine veil of swirling, dancing and colourful dots over everything - others it turned out did not. Since then I have been intrigued by how we physically view the world differently and exploring more about our use of pattern as well as patterns found in nature. Details: ♥ professionally printed with archival inks ♥ artwork measures 35 x 35 cm approx. ♥ ready to hang in a white box frame 52.5x52.5cm About my work These highly patterned works explore the way we physically view our environment and the idea that not everyone sees things in the same way. I realised in my early twenties that the fine veil of dancing, colourful dots I see over everything and had grown up with, is a view of the world not perceived by everyone. This is my experience I want to share; perhaps you see something similar or maybe it looks alien and unfamiliar. But no matter how we see the world, pattern exists all around us both man-made and naturally occurring; from the beauty and complexity of fractals in nature to the printed fabric of your clothing. Even on the calmest day and in the simplest of environments, our surroundings that may at first seem static and plain; are full of movement and decoration.

Desert Shades

Jennifer Bell

Size: 52.5w x 52.5h x 4.5d cms

Aerial photography of the central Australian desert blended together into an abstract paper weaving

Ready to hang in a white box frame 52.5×52.5cm

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Sold By: Jennifer Bell

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