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This original work is part of a new series experimenting with my signature use of poured layers of diluted oil paints on a much smaller scale. These studies are intended to be highly exploratory and I am interested to explore unusual colour pairings and the differing textures of poured paint on wood, instead of canvas. This work is an original piece on board with bracing at the back for support. It comes strung so it can easily be hung on the wall - the sides of the board are painted white. Continually captivated by representations of women in mainstream media, my fascination with fragility and vulnerability has often and inevitably led to the study of the self. I consider the self-portrait a complex, fluid, ever-changing beast I have yet to tame. It is a personal journey of self–examination and a wider exploration of what happens when women turn their gaze upon themselves in a Patriarchal world. My painting process is about holding in tension the need for control and the surrender of control. Some areas are formed through spontaneity and abstraction in layers of poured, diluted paint whilst in other areas the paint is more strategically directed. In this way the process aligns with the conflict between the desire to curate the representation of self, and the need to reject this compulsion to control how we are ‘seen’ through the gaze of others. The work attempts a rejection of stylised and idealised notions of ‘beauty’, yet does not escape an underlying adherence to it.

Colour Study 6

Johanna Wilbraham

Size: 40w x 40h x 2.5d cms

Oil on board


Ready to hang


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Sold By: Johanna Wilbraham

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