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The painting is part of the series of abstract pieces of boats, slips and sheds inspired from my memories of Sydney Harbour. Boat Shed - the working part of owning a boat! The Boat Shed finds us back in Mosman Bay and back for a ride on the ferry to Circular Quay. All along the bays of Sydney Harbour were old boat sheds, with slips that the owners could bring in their boats to clean, paint, get the barnacles I guess, off the hulls. These small and large buildings looked like they had been there forever to my eyes, they actually just might have ! There was always rust, white, blue and green colours that seemed to go with these scenes. The guys doing the work always - in my mind - wore white or blue and had on those soft soled shoes and had black hands. I can even smell that salty, briney and motor oil smell when I think back to those sheds !

Boat Shed – Harbour Memories

Lucinda Leveille

Size: 100w x 100h x 4d cms

Oil on gallery style wrap around canvas


Ready to hang


Sold By: Lucinda Leveille

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