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I like diving into a clear blue pool making a splash to cool off from the hot rays of the sun. As I hit the clear calm water and feel the soothing water rush past me it is always a great feeling. The Summer Splash abstract pool painting stands out with a kick of blue during the day but holds an awesome feature when the night breeze comes. As the sunlight fades and the darkness sets in the white splashes come to life turning a deep tranquil blue as they glow. Using the highest quality glow pigments the splashes will only need a few minutes to charge and it will glow for hours. A painting that can be enjoyed both in the day and at night (see the two photos above for the contrast between night and day). Sit back and relax as the hot sun goes down and the blue glow emerges from the dark. This unique painting captures the eyes in any room and comes to a life of its own when the lights go out.

Acrylic on canvas wrapped around a wooden frame and ready to hang. White glow pigments splashed over the water that glows a beautiful blue at night. Watch this painting transform. For best glowing results at night you can charge the glow with a strong light for a few minutes. A black light will also charge the glow pigments quite strongly too. Once the painting has been charged and is hanging in a dark room you will see how captivating the glow from this painting becomes. When a bright light has been applied on the painting for a few minutes the glow pigments in the splashes will glow through the night. Just enough to light it’s surroundings to see where you are going as you walk past. Non toxic glowing luminescent pigments mixed with acrylic paints covered with a clear gloss lacquer.

A Blue Splash of Summer – Abstract

Steve Perryman

Size: 91w x 122h x 3.5d cms
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Acrylic paint with white pigment mixed with glowing pigments to create a glowing painting by night and a blue water reflection by day

Canvas on frame

Ready to hang

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