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Blue Hawaii is tropical and fresh and brings a holiday vibe into the home. It is a mica pigment and resin piece on cradled board. Blue Hawaii is a 60cm round that is ready to hang. The resin I use is UV stabilised so can be hung outdoors (out of direct sunlight).
I wonder how many times we sit at our desk and look out the window on a sunny day, wishing we were on a tropical beach lazing in the sun under a coconut tree watching the sparkling waters as they race up the sandy beach. Having a lazy day with the sand and sea, enjoying Mother Nature’s beautiful bounty. A dream maybe, but a dream to help us through any storms that may weather our lives, giving us hope for tomorrow and the sunny day that might bring. We look at the blue sky and the odd white fluffy clouds that shape into many things, helped along with warm comforting winds. Our mind is full of images that build our favourite dreams as we while away a few minutes oblivious to everything. Daydreaming our fondest dreams before reality kicks in and the opalescent workload on our desk appears once again to take us away from our tropical paradise and implant us back in our reality. David Harris 2009

Blue Hawaii

Maggie Deall

Size: 60w x 60h x 1d cms

Mica pigment and resin on cradled board

Ready to hang


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