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We have decided to offer all 18 galah prints in a larger size on smooth cotton rag. This is print number 1/25 of Galah #6. Discover your favourite of Jeanene Hyles galah in the gum tree panels. Enjoy the different characters - many in pairs as Galahs find their mate for life. The idea is that a collection of panels can be arranged by the new owner when they use their creativity to produce their gum tree wall. They are interchangeable, as the branches meet from each piece. Printed on Smooth Cotton Rag, 100% cotton, museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper, ready for you to frame in your own materials. The process is designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements. Rag Photographique is certified acid-free and contains no optical brightening agents to ensure consistency of shades for generations Jeanene is offering a limited edition print of this piece. This is one of only twenty five galah#6 prints 60 x 60cm which comes carefully packed for you. Galah #6 panel is one of 18 Galah panels, the originals being 10 x10 cm. At this scale the brush strokes will be exaggerated, and appreciated. A certificate of authenticity is included. Information about the piece, including the design excursion, the print number and Jeanenes signature is included. The certificate is printed in Australia on recycled cardboard using soy based ink. Please contact Art Lovers Australia to discuss any of the other galahs you desire. Peruse the smaller prints to see which images you like. Suggestions for sizes, and materials for the next limited edition will be considered. Enjoy your galah excursion!


Jeanene Hyles

Size: 60w x 60h x .1d cms

Limited Edition print (25)

printed on Smooth Cotton rag paper


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Sold By: Jeanene Hyles

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