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I can't get enough of these blues as wings, especially butterfly wings. I've been playing around with various changes to my resin and acrylic mixes to see what happens, and I'm finding some beautiful outcomes. The butterflies in my garden are not as vibrant and blue as this, but I can imagine they feel this vivid and bold as they flutter around from flower to leaf. I have a mix of brushes I use now to provide different feelings through the splashes with strong acute streaks and long floating splatters. I used a specific high quality canvas with environmentally sustainable pine backing. This canvas allows me to create more realistic and detailed charcoal art pieces. My unique process of applying charcoal to canvas to create photorealistic art is done through the use of various paint and makeup brushes cut to shape. I seal all pieces with charcoal fixative and acrylic fixative. Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.

Beach Butterfly

Ashvin Harrison

Size: 61w x 92h x 4d cms

Resin acrylic and charcoal on high quality canvas

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Ashvin Harrison

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