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The cycle of life and death is the theme explored in this painting. Many of us believe we came from somewhere and hope that we will return there after this life time.  This painting explores that theme. There is a general awakening of our collective consciousness which is happening in our world right now. People are beginning to look to Spirituality instead of traditional Religions. This painting is a personal belief of mine which explores the theme of life and death and the connectedness of our soul to our original source, which I call the Ball of Souls. After a couple of out-of-body experiences I've had in my life (and believe me I'm not a spiritual kind of person at all), I saw that we each have a thread of energy connecting us back to where we came from. I understand that this energy is our soul and that religious people might call the source of this energy God. These energetic threads, which are shimmering gold in colour, are our souls and when we die they leave our bodies to be reunited with those already passed, thus forming the Ball of Souls. From here we have the choice to try life again at some point in future time. The female figure in my painting is guiding the threads back to the Ball of Souls. She has many hands to keep all the returning souls organised. It is a very important role so the swan adorning her is her protector. The Cala Lilies represent death and the rat represents life. There is also a purple planet in the background because my favourite man Prince died whilst I was creating this painting.

Ball of Souls

Laural Retz

Size: 100w x 110h x 3d cms

Acrylic on canvas

Ready to hang

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