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Bright contemporary painting of pelicans and flood waters. Mixed Media – pouring medium and acrylic paints on canvas-ready to hang.

To prepare this painting, I primed the canvas by painting a yellow mother colour and the deep sides a blue black.   When this had dried I protected the sides of the frame with wide masking tape.  The surface of the canvas was patterned with a mix of three separate colours plus pouring medium, which was scraped back.  Once dry, another three colours plus pouring medium were applied to the surface and dried thoroughly for several days.  The glossy paint surface resembled a flow of colour, like a flood.

Initially I was going to re-work the surface into an abstract landscape seen from a bird’s eye point of you looking down, but I was reminded of the miraculous floods that occur at Lake Eyre at certain times of the year and which suddenly bring the area alive and attracts an abundance of insect and bird life.   So I decided to paint in pelicans with colours that mimicked those of the ‘flood’ to finish off this painting.  The surface is sealed with a gloss medium.



Sue Hill

Size: 51w x 61h x 4d cms

Mixed Media – pouring medium & acrylic paints on canvas

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Sue Hill

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