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Inspired by Paul Simon's lyrics and Arics artistically typographic tattooed arms a street art style artwork is formed. Acrylic and spray paint creating a deeply personal piece: Aric. Aric and I were both living in Shanghai when we became friends. Him - a terrible pool player. Me - in desperate need of a player for our dodgeball team. He was like my big brother, debt collector and adventure planner. He is a perpetual traveler and an amazing story teller. He is crazy, adventurous and one of the warmest people I know. You need to know him too...
1500mm (w) x 1500mm (h) canvas.
Natural pine frame.
5cm thick (double-thick canvas).
Acrylic, spray paint, ink and nikko on canvas.
Signed and dated on the back of the canvas. Ready to hang with d-rings and hanging wire on the back.
This is an original painting. Artwork comes with certificate of authenticity and Sarah Sculley promotional goods, professionally packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard for shipping (included in price).
Delivery to Australian East Coast only (Noosa (north) down to Melbourne (south). If you live outside this delivery area, please get in touch to discuss delivery options.
In this series of work I interviewed the muses to help the viewers connect... What is you purpose on earth? TO TELL STORIES. WHEN I REALIZED THIS MANY YEARS AGO, SUDDENLY LIFE BECAME EASIER. WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO, YOU SUDDENLY STOP WORRYING ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE. BEFORE I BECAME A CREATIVE DIRECTOR, I WAS PICKING UP BOTTLES AND CANS AROUND DENMARK TO AFFORD TO EAT – BUT BOTH OF THOSE WERE THINGS I DO TO MAKE MONEY. THEY’RE NOT MY JOB. MY JOB IS TO TELL STORIES. AND THERE’S A BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. What are you passionate about? BUKOWSKI. SNACKS. OTHER PEOPLE’S DOGS. ADVENTUROUS DAYS AND COMFORTABLE NIGHTS. OTIS REDDING. BEING AN UNCLE. AND A PROPER FLÂNEUR AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. What advice do you want to share? I’D BE REMISS NOT TO RETELL THE STORY THAT CHUCK BARRIS ALREADY DID SO WELL. YOU’LL THINK IT’S ABOUT BASEBALL, BUT IT’S NOT. PLEASE DON’T LET THAT DETER YOU, AS THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT : It was the World Series. Philadelphia versus Kansas City. Tug McGraw of the Phillies was pitching. It was the fifth game of the series, the bottom of the ninth, with the Kansas City Royals behind four to three. The Royals had the bases loaded with two out. Kansas City had just won two straight games to tie the series, and now they had a chance to win a third and go ahead of Philadelphia three games to two. The game was being played in Kansas City. The ball park was packed. The crowd of over fifty thousand frantic Kansas City fans were on their feet, yelling their heads off. It was bedlam. In the middle of all that commotion, Bob Boone, the Phillies’ catcher, asked the umpire for a time out and walked to the pitcher’s mound. He said something to McGraw, turned, and walked back to home plate. You know what he said? He said, “Isn’t this exciting?” What a wonderful thing to be able to say.


Sarah Sculley

Size: 150w x 150h x 10d cms

Acrylic, spray paint, ink and nikko on canvas

Ready to hang

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Sold By: Sarah Sculley

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