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I am just simply falling in love with watercolours and flowers and am constantly inspired to experiment with colours and techniques away from traditional watercolours. I have been using paints from a manufacturer called Daniel Smith who has been developing a range of watercolours outside the normal colours.

These lovely little apricot miracles just seemed to appear on the paper – they again would make a delightful addition to a Hamptons Style Home. I am drawn to explore the beauty of the flower colours that we have in our world. We are so lucky to enjoy these amazing blossoms in the full range of the spectrum. The piece is a full sheet of watercolour paper, UNFRAMED, just waiting for you to add your imprint with a frame of your choosing to suit your space.

Apricot Poppies

Lucinda Leveille

Size: 56w x 76h x .3d cms

Watercolour on Canson 640gsm rough archival paper


Sold By: Lucinda Leveille

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