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Jenny is a Kamilaroi woman and is a member of the Worimi Aboriginal Land Council. She is mother of seven children and works with disaffected Indigenous youth. Her experiences are reflected in her art as she relates stories in her own unique way.



The Ancestral Walk:




Indigenous people believed the earth was formed in the far-off past during a sacred age known as the ‘Dreaming’ or ‘Dreamtime’ or ‘Tjkurrpa’ which means ‘to see and understand the law’ when translated from the Arrente language. Dreaming passed on key cultural values, belief systems and important knowledge to the younger generations.



Through storytelling, paintings, songs and dance, which convey the dreaming stories, my people have preserved a connection with the ancient Dreaming to present days leading to the creation of a rich cultural heritage. We believed ancestral spirits came from the seas, sky, and ground and most of these spirits could change their form from human to animal to plant.



As they moved over the land, they created natural features and all life forms including; people, birds, fish, insects, animals, and plants. For instance, tales about how the sun was made by the Rainbow Serpent are told so that ties with their ancestors are perpetuated.



After Creation, the ancestral spirits vanished into the earth, sky or water after living signs of their stay on earth. These signs came in the form of rocks, trees, billabongs, rivers, hills, caves and other forms of physical features.



Acrylic on canvas and shows off the deep hues of the winter desert and vibrant colours of the desert bloom.



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Aboriginal Original “Ancestral Walkabout” Acrylic on Canvas

Jen Bailey

Size: 122w x 51h cms

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Large 122 cm x 51 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Ready to hang

Genuine Aboriginal Art from the Hunter Valley region in NSW, Australia

Individually numbered, certificate of authenticity & signed by artist

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Sold By: Jen Bailey

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