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This Australian landscape has been mixed with a variation of the same scene covered with a lacy pattern by weaving the two image together to create a picture a little reminiscent of toile fabirc. Toile was a decorative pattern usually consisting of a single color from the mid-18th century, usually depicting a landscape or pastoral theme. I grew up surrounded by chintz patterns like toile, and my toile works are somewhat a reference to moving to Australia. People bring their own culture, history, their families hand me down fabrics and Grandma’s good china with them, to a new home.

♥ photos professionally printed with archival inks
♥ weave measures approximately 27.5×27.5cm

About my work
These highly patterned works explore the way we physically view our environment and the idea that not everyone sees things in the same way. I realised in my early twenties that the fine veil of dancing, colourful dots I see over everything and had grown up with, is a view of the world not perceived by everyone. This is my experience I want to share; perhaps you see something similar or maybe it looks alien and unfamiliar. But no matter how we see the world, pattern exists all around us both man-made and naturally occurring; from the beauty and complexity of fractals in nature to the printed fabric of your clothing. Even on the calmest day and in the simplest of environments, our surroundings that may at first seem static and plain; are full of movement and decoration.

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Blue toile billabong photographic weaving

Jennifer Bell

Size: 27.5w x 27.5h cms
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Australian landscape photo weaving creating an image reminiscent of toile fabirc

Photographic weaving


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