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Sharing abundance, the joy of Belinda Nadwie’s work

Art Lovers | 13 August 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

Eckhart Tolle

Those are the words by which Belinda Nadwie, a widely celebrated Sydney based abstract landscape painter, wife and mother of three, chooses to live by. They give a warm sense of the beautiful person behind the art.

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting Feels Like Love

Feels Like Love (101 x 101cm, Oil on canvas / Ready to hang)

Learning about Belinda Nadwie’s story was moving and inspiring. She has been drawn to the arts as long as she can remember.The early signs of Belinda’s talents were obvious when at the age of five this business savvy and passionate young girl took it upon herself to produce and share her art with the public.

My parents had a weekend paddle boat business at Sorrento Beach on the Mornington Peninsula. We were there all day so I would take my paint set and paint mini landscapes onto shells and then with a full basket I’d walk up and down the beach selling them for 2c”.

Related image

Belinda Nadwie at work

Growing up Belinda continued to hone her craft and share her art and gifting paintings to friends. She started experimenting with abstract expressionism and was quite successful, selling her work through word of mouth and on eBay.

She was forced to take a break to fulfill the dream of creating a family with her husband, Michael.“Kids didn’t come easily and I ended up giving up painting due to the chemicals and toxins in paint and in turpentine. After many years of IVF and thanks to this incredible science – three beautiful kids later, I had to consider working again”.This was when Michael asked: “If money was no issue and you could wake up every day and do this one thing, what would it be?” Belinda answered without hesitation that her passion was to paint.“It’s now or never, just go for it” were the words of encouragement from Michael as they launched into the unknown.

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit (131 x 181cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas / Ready to hang)

Nadwie’s family would be a huge source of encouragement to her, in realizing her potential as an artist. Nadwie draws on her experiences of motherhood in the way she expresses feeling through her paintings.

“My inspiration also comes from a greater good, an appreciation of my life and family and where I am at this moment.”

Equipped with her artistic tools of expression and philosophy to live a mindful existence and express gratitude, her artwork is a labour of love. “Art is truly a reflection of the spirit and I find it such a gift to be able to express that and it make other people so happy. I love that people can come home and my paintings can help forget the stresses of the day and remind people to take those moments to be thankful and be present”.The optimistic nature of her character matched with her style of intuitive abstract expressionism create paintings that strike a chord and connect with people.

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting In Times Like These

Times Like These (180 x 90cm, Oil on canvas / Ready to hang)

Intuitive – Positive – Thankful –are three simple words that hold so much weight when used to sum up Belinda Nadwie’s approach to art. Belinda describes her creative process as organic and fluid. Ideas spring to her mind, sometimes in the middle of the night, and she feels an overwhelming urgency to “get them out” onto her canvas. When she gives way to her intuition and allows herself to let go and be totally free, she produces her best paintings.

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting A Brighter Day

A Brighter Day (200 x 190cm, Oil on canvas / Ready to hang)

“Deeply Connected was one of those paintings that was not planned, I just “let go” and “let it happen.Once it was finished, I felt that this painting was something special”. Another special piece that sits close to Belinda’s heart is“Ti Amo”. A young couple, soon to be wed, were invited to select one painting as a gift from the groom’s mother. After viewing multiple paintings, the couple was drawn to “Ti Amo”.“When I told them that it meant “I love you” in Italian it all seemed very coincidental and meant to be. I love it when this happens and each one (painting) has a story or connection.”

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting Deeply Connected

Deeply Connected (190 x 180cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas)

Belinda Nadwie spreads joy through her art with the use of colour and emotive abstract techniques.She has affected many people’s lives with her unique talents. Looking into the future she dreams of sharing her collection with a wider audience. “Professionally I would like to exhibit my artwork globally and continue to paint and bring happiness into people’s homes”.There is no doubt that Belinda will realise her dream, especially with such an encouraging team behind her. As Michael previously said: “It’s now or never, just go for it”.

Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie Art Abstract Painting Deeply Connected

**Cover image courtesy of Hills District Mums (


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