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Say Something with a Statement Art Piece

Art Lovers | 26 March 2021

Looking for some large art? Well we have the tips for you!

The statement-making impact of artworks on a larger scale is beyond question. The ins and outs of bringing it home, and making it work in the place you’ve dreamed of hanging it, can be another story. Here we offer a few tips and tricks for those of you ready to start thinking big.

The Patchwork Chair

Neuropathic Landscape by ANDREW NEILAN | 151 x 92.7cm | Acrylic on stretched canvas

#1. Size matters, so measure your space

Good prep work is the key to a seamless install. In other words, make sure you measure your room and plan accordingly.

Another tool is to use our Hoverlay View in Your Room feature which is available on artworks for sale on Art Lovers Australia. All you’ll need is your phone or tablet, and you can see how see how an artwork will look, to scale, in the room you’re thinking of hanging it.

Beach Walk Best Resized

#2. Make a connection & choose what moves you

An artwork so large and so prominently placed shouldn’t be something you’ll quickly get bored of. The art you buy shouldn’t be about a dollar amount, or the latest trend. What it does need to be, is something you can’t live without.

Art should stop you in your tracks and hold you there.


Heroes and Romance by FRANKO | 208 x 108cm | Mixed media on canvas

#3. Use it to full effect

A statement artwork can draw the eye directly to the area where it is displayed so be sure that you are not placing it where it will compete with a beautiful view.  Remember also, if you have something you want to hide, an artwork like this can actually be used to great effect to draw the eye away from a less flattering part of the room, perhaps from an air conditioning unit or a dull outlook.

Tania Chanter Summer Light Australian Landscape Ir3

Summers Light by TANIA CHANTER | 184 x 92cm | Acrylic on canvas

#4. Don’t over think it & keep the rest of the room simple

Playing with scale by using gallery or museum-sized art that is a statement piece, is totally unexpected in residential living and can get a little overwhelming. A good place to start when designing a new room is the artwork. You can then repeat various colours from that artwork to use as accents in your colour palette when choosing other items for the space like a couch, cushions, rug etc.

Also use neutral tones that compliment the artwork but don’t compete.

Simonpalmer Tasteofmint Insitu V E4

Taste of Mint by SIMON PALMER | 92.5 x 122.5cm | Acrylic on board

#5. Give the art room to breathe

High-impact art reaches its fullest potential when given ample space to shine. But breathing room doesn’t require stratospheric square footage. Even a foyer can house a larger work as long as there’s enough space to take a step back to enjoy it.

Beach Walk Best Resized


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