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Pieces that speak to the heart

In conversation with Georgia Caceres

by Amelia Pontifex


Cover Georgia Collection

After her arrival on The Block in 2017, and more recently in 2021, Georgia Caceres quickly became a household name known for her sophisticated styling and love for quality art. Together, we have embarked on an exciting collection designed to complement a variety of interior styles, moods and themes. It has been a pleasure working with Georgia, to include pieces that make her heart sing and bring this exclusive collection to our clients.

Choosing art can be overwhelming and this collection guides our clients to discover Australian artists and make confident styling and artistic choices.


Hi Georgia, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us about this exciting collaboration. Let’s begin with the key elements that make up your signature style?

I’m definitely drawn to a resolved minimalist aesthetic, I often take the approach of less is more, keeping the space simple, uncluttered whilst accentuating the architectural features of the space.

What do you look for when styling a space?

Standout styling revolves around theme, colour palette and proportion. If I have the luxury of working on space from scratch, I generally find my hero piece of art and take my design cues from there.  I always discuss art with my clients and encourage them to invest in original art.  Start with that quality hero piece and the rest will follow.

How do you create mood in a space?

I always look to evoke emotions in my designs, this can be achieved through colour palette, use of space, lighting and of course, personality.

How has your styling changed over the years?

It’s a natural process of refinement made possible through experience. I’m a minimalist at heart so parts of my aesthetic remain, however I’m also influenced and inspired by ever evolving design trends.

What was your art styling experience like on The Block?

The Block was an incredible and very different experience from designing in ‘the real world’ and that difference is based mostly around timing and budget. Having Art Lovers Australia on my team was a Godsend as they had such a beautiful collection of original art, made readily available. I also loved the idea of supporting Australian artists on a national platform. I had the luxury of selecting artwork for my entire Block home all at once, and in doing so I was able to curate a collection where each piece had its own personality and style, yet as whole story, the collection made sense.

What are the greatest challenges for a project?

In this current climate, one of the most annoying challenges is stock availability and managing client expectations around that. I’ll often have a client who needs a space completed within a certain timeframe, being bale to pull from a limited range of stock whilst not compromising the overall design aesthetic is no small feat!

Pieces that speak to the heart

Georgia’s collection is made up of a selection of artworks by Australian artists with a moody and natural palette. Carefully curated by Georgia herself, these works have been chosen for their focus on colour, movement and proportion – elements that are imperative for styling any space.

The Artists

Bianca Gardiner-Dodd

Kamilaroi woman Bianca Gardiner-Dodd’s work is symbolic of her coastal life, exploring a variety of environments such as estuaries, forests and beaches and drawing upon the organic harmony and unity of life that exists within them.

Georgia’s comments…

I was really invested in the stories told through Bianca’s works. I have a great affinity with her colour palette and it really balances and compliments many styles, themes and moods in homes.

View more of Bianca’s artworks


Stephanie Laine

Stephanie Laine’s awareness of the delicate interplay of elements is explored through layers of technique and contemplation, that are bravely abandoned by impulsive broad strokes of passion to absorb the energy of the artist embedded in the canvas.

Georgia’s comments…

I really love these abstract pieces and the simplicity of subject matter mixed with a unique application and personality that comes through her works. These pieces speak to a number of spaces, in that they are intimate and special.

View more of Stephanie’s artworks


Michelle Keighley

Insitu Michelle Keighley

Earth, sky and everything in between

The unique beauty and diversity of this land has always been truly captivating for Michelle Keighley.

Georgia’s comments…

I adore Michelle’s abstract and tranquil landscapes. I feel so calm looking at them and I have a personal connection as I spent time in rural areas when I was younger, so I have an affinity for those Australiana landscapes and things that make up that quintessential Australian experience. From a styling point of view, there is so much depth in her colour palette that reflects a calm mood for interior spaces.

View more of Michelle’s artworks


Brenda Meynell

Through her layering, Brenda creates a dialogue between herself, the canvas and the viewer. Her sweeping and gestural works reflect an emotional response to open sea and landscapes.

Georgia’s comments…

The block colours really speak to me, the burnt ochre and the deep grey, it really sets the mood which is important when styling a space and using a piece of art as a starting point.

View more of Brenda’s artworks


Sam Suttie

Sam Suttie’s considered still life’s focus on the everyday through reflection and shadow.

Georgia’s comments…

Subject matter is so important and is really interesting in Sam’s works. The pattern work and depth to her colours is powerful.

View more of Sam’s artworks


Bronwyn Barton

Bronwyn’s artworks are a response to shapes, textures, shadows and reflections she sees in the sub-tropical bush setting she calls home.

Georgia’s comments…

These works add so much warmth to a space. When curating this collection, it was a matter of pulling styles that stand out but also work together as a series – there’s a warmth that radiates from these works that I think will work well in many homes to add a soft touch.

View more of Bronwyn’s artworks


David Spencer

David’s works are imbued with a deep sense of emotion and memory.

Georgia’s comments…

The scale of David’s work and the simplicity of the surface really spoke to me, but there is also a depth to the textural elements that works harmoniously with the colour palette.


View more of David’s artworks


Salvatore Dibartolo

Salvatore’s works focus on the simple pleasures in life. With deep layering of colour and joyfully interplay, Salvatore’s works consider the everyday through soft light and deep shadow.

Georgia’s comments…

Salvatore’s still life’s capture the everyday in a romanticised way. I really appreciate his contemplation and the depth of colour and emotion we feel through his simple bowls of fruit.

View more of Salvatore’s artworks


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