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LOVE and ART in Sydney

Art Lovers | 5 June 2016

LOVE and ART in Sydney

Our relationship has from the very beginning revolved around our shared love of Art (and cups of tea). So it was only natural to head to Sydney for our anniversary and see Archie and Frida (and plenty of others) in the flesh! We took 3 days but you can pick and choose your own adventure depending on your time frame. For more details you can check out our previous facebook posts

Day One

  1. Check into accommodation within walking distance of art destinations. QT hotel was a luxurious and sexy treat for us.
  2. Walk to Art Gallery NSW. ARCHIBALD, WYNNE & SULMAN Prizes. Hint: take the free tour (using headsets) – the guides give really insightful talks on the artworks and the artists. Hint: vote for your favourite for a chance to win $3500. Yes please!
  3. Take a break to “cleanse your visual palette”. Good meals are available at the art gallery or across the road in the park cafes.
  4. Enjoy the BOTANICAL gardens – it’s just a short walk away from the gallery. I especially enjoyed the succulent displays and the native gardens with our indigenous history walk.
  5. Dining: Gowings restaurant was exceptional. Fabulous food and service. Hint: you will need to book

Day Two

  1. FRIDA & DIEGO @ Art Gallery NSW. Hint: get there early as the lines can be long. Hint: you can buy your tickets online
  2. Food break to discuss all the new things you learnt about Frida & Diego
  3. Check out other FREE exhibitions @ Art Gallery NSW. Especially Australian Art. Hint: plan time to browse in the gallery shop.
  4. Museum of Sydney – Botanical Art exhibition Hint: the footage of artist, Angela Lober drawing and painting the pine is amazing! I have full respect for her talent. Hint: take time to enjoy Janet Lawrence and Fiona Foley’s Edge of Trees installation out the front of the Museum. It is worth investigating the artists’ intention and use of text and objects to fully appreciate it.
  5. Visit Sydney Harbour while you are there.
  6. Keep walking to Museum of Contemporary Art. Lots to see here! And the sculpture terrace is the perfect place to have a drink and take in the view.
  7. We were worn out so we caught a taxi home and got room service!! Sydney has more to offer those with more stamina than us.

Day Three

  1. Visit the National Trust building to view Salon des Refusés (alternative to Archibald and Wynne prizes – and just as interesting if not more so) Hint: bring CASH (no card processing ) to enjoy a beautiful lunch or sweet treat at the connecting National Trust Cafe. It is very popular so book ahead of time or take your chances like we did.
  2. Take time to enjoy the sights including Sydney Harbour bridge (where he asked me to marry him and I said yes!)
  3. Fly home exhausted but totally satiated with art and love.

***the Archibald Prize 2016 entries will be on display in the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria, from the 14th of October to the 27th of November 2016.

In love and art


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