Meet the Art Lovers Team

Meet the team behind Art Lovers Australia

An online gallery created by artists for lovers of art.

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CEO | Founder

Founder of Art Lovers Australia, Nancy is an exhibiting artist and Art Educator with over 20 years experience.

“Growing up on a 1000 acre property near Texas, Queensland was not an education in Fine Art but my mother trained me to find beautiful things – a birds nest in the tree, the blue bells in the grass, and stones on the river bank. She trained my eye to see the things in nature that made our hearts sing with delight.”

Even after over 20 years in Art Education, I still tune into this same instinct to find beauty.  There is a lot of art theory but really it’s about feeling.  What makes your heart sing? What sparks your interest?  It’s as simple and complex as falling in love.


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Creative Director

As long as he can remember Jarrod has been into art. “I feel like I was born with a pencil in my hand” he says. From a young age he would spend hours drawing anything that sparked his interest.

Fast forward over a decade and he graduated from the Queensland College of Art before going on to help create Art Lovers Australia after years in the “creative wilderness”. He has over 10 years experience in logistics management as well as working with charities such as Camp Quality and Starlight Foundation.

“When I graduated from Art college in the early 90’s I, like many others, found myself in this void where it was almost impossible to make a living from art. So like a lot of my peers I found myself working in a completely unrelated industry whilst pursuing art in my spare time.”

It is this first hand experience as an artist that led Jarrod to help create Art Lovers Australia with his partner Nancy, also an artist.


Art Lovers Australia Libby


Commission & Mural Consultant

With over 30 years’ experience in customer service and as an artist herself, Libby loves connecting collectors with artists.

Since coming on board with the Art Lovers Australia team in July of 2019, Libby has assisted in connecting many collectors with artists to create many exquisite pieces.

So whether it be an abstract, a pet portrait, landscape, figurative, still life, fine art photography, portrait, pop art, sculptor or mural, let Libby with her extensive knowledge of artists available onsite, take away the worry and confusion and contact her now to discuss further.

She waits in anticipation and excitement to support and guide you throughout the whole process.



Art Lovers Australia 37 Kim


Artist Management

Assisting new and existing artists with setting up their galleries, publishing and any site issues they encounter is Kim’s primary role. She’s here to help make the journey smooth for artists so they can dedicate more time to creating brilliant art.

“I never did have a grand plan or mapped out career path, determined than work had to fit to my life not the other way round. By chance beginning in corporate Sydney before children interrupted, morphed into the education sector then small business and event management. Advertising followed jointly owning a boutique advertising agency for over a decade. The lure of combining international group travel with graphic art was a natural progression before joining Art Lovers in the early formative years seemed inevitable, with a wide ranging role utilizing a broad skill set with art having been a constant throughout.”



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Art & Design Consultant

An award winning artist herself Jeska loves the challenge of curating art selections that are not only beautiful but contribute to the storytelling of a space.

A uniquely beautiful story begins with an emotional response and to me, art embodies exactly that. It is an expression of ourselves. To create a space whether it be personal or commercial I believe that art has the power to inspire, to spark curiosity and to balance or challenge its surroundings.

Our spaces, whether personal or commercial should be an expression of ourselves, and art is an important part of that expression.

Whether your brief requires realism, abstract or fine art photography Jeska and her team will be able to source art perfect for your space.





Social Media | Interior Design Consultant

A graduate of Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University), Mariam is a dedicated and enthusiastic designer who has joined the Art Lovers team as an Interior Design Consultant.

“After completing a Bachelor of Interior Design, I found myself passionate about Art and the world of Design. I enjoy coming up with innovative, fresh designs and love pushing myself to craft original concepts with the best possible design solutions.”

“I am charismatic, bubbly, hardworking and take a genuine approach to my work. The future trends of design, human interactivity, sustainability, digital design and abstract art fascinate me. I place a high value on human connection and cultural impact to create practical and functional commercial environments. I take pride in pushing the creative boundaries and work best in a collaborative team.”



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Advisor, Growth & Strategic Relationships

Paul began his journey six years ago, after establishing a successful executive career. With Paul’s unique skill set combining passion, experience and his corporate network, he has dynamically built global relationships across industries.
He regularly contributes to publications, emerging as a much-requested contributor and commentator on the integration of technology into government, enterprises and traditional industries.



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