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Meet Fern Siebler

Art Lovers | 22 June 2018

Fern Siebler is a Melbourne-based artist who has always felt at home being creative.

Growing up in the small regional town of Taggerty in North Central Victoria, Fern has been heavily influenced by her love of nature, as a person and an artist. Much of her inspiration comes from her experiences growing up in a regional area, where her passion for earth, the flow of nature and all things colour, began.

Fern at work in her studio

When did you start painting and where do you draw your inspiration?

I have been painting (almost every day) for a few years. When I went to a part-time role I was able to focus on this much more!

Much of my inspiration is drawn from my own personal experiences. Painting for me is a deep and emotive process. It might be that in the moment I am inspired by a particular memory of a person, a place or a colour. I feel extremely connected to my artworks.

Downpour (120 x 120cm, Alcohol dye inks on Yupo synthetic paper, Unframed)

I am forever inspired by the fluidity and movement of nature and the earth surrounding me. I love to make time to spend outdoors admiring the little details of nature and gathering inspiration; the ebb and flow of the ocean, sunlight in the tall trees or tiny little details of plants and flowers.

All that we are (66 x 66cm, Alcohol ink on paper, Framed)

What is your favourite element to draw from and why? (earth, water, fire, wind)

It’s definitely hard to pick but I love the flow of water and the movement of wind. They are both such powerful forces finding their way, moving mountains, skies and sea. To me that is just an unimaginable force of nature.

Crisp (29.7 x 42cm, Ink & mixed media on paper, Unframed)

How do you balance creating art with your job as a graphic designer?

Design is quite a structured creative industry and don’t get me wrong I love this about it, but I do find painting allows me a freedom and uncontrolled release from this structure. When I paint I let myself be free and in the moment. Studying and working in design has taught me a lot over the years that I have since been able to use to help guide my compositions and colour choices while painting. I currently work in a part-time design role a few days a week, which allows me to have plenty of time to paint from my home studio.

Timelapse (92 x 65cm, Ltd edition giclee print of 50)

How did your style evolve into what it is today?

My style hasn’t stopped evolving since I began a few years ago, and as an emerging artist I am excited to think it will continue to grow and change as I explore new colours, new ways of working or new mediums. When I initially discovered fluid painting and especially with alcohol inks I experimented around the clock- sometime into the dark hours of the night!

I am quite a driven person when I find something I love to do and I use this drive to push my own personal boundaries. My style emerged out of this experimentation, when I found the certain sort of flowing movement I had been looking for. I continually push myself to explore new ideas and ways of looking at my work, but I am also pushed forward with the support of my loving family, friends and online community around me.

Sunlit II (45.5 x 65cm, Alcohol inks on heavyweight Yupo synthetic paper, Ready to be framed)

Do you have a favourite piece, or a favourite colour combination that you like to use?

I love to paint with a minimal palette and I can’t resist lots of beautiful metallic details. Blacks, gold and blush pink are a stand out favourite of mine at the moment and I have just finished a large new piece ‘Nova’ which sparkles in the light and reminds me of wishing on shooting stars falling from the sky.

Nova (146 x 86cm, Alcohol dye ink on Yupo synthetic paper)

What material objects would you save from a burning building and why?

I would of course save anything I couldn’t replace- artwork, photos, sentimental things I would like any future children to have one day, like my oldest teddy bear from when I was a little bub (yes, I still have this!).

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